Canada - A Great Study Abroad Destination

»We all live under the same sky,
but we don't all have the same horizon«
— Konrad Adenauer

High School in Canada

The scenery abounds in a menagerie of color and depth from the sparkling west coast Pacific waters hemmed by tall trees and mountains through to the vibrant Atlantic's rugged shorelines more than 5500 km away on the east coast. In between one can stare in wonderment at the majestic Rocky Mountains...

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Age Groups & Programs

Canadian public high schools are provincially accredited, publicly funded, follow a standard curriculum and employ only government certified teachers. The education system in each province contains many similarities, but each has its own Study Canada curriculum and guidelines to reflect the culture and history of its region.

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Our Services

isec is a boutique educational consultancy that strives to advise and assist students including their parents who are interested in a high school study abroad in general and in Canada in particular. Our focus solely on Canada enables us to give our clients a qualified and specialized consultancy.

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