Our Pledge to Our Students

  • isec is dedicated to providing the best quality of educational consultation and care possible to our client.
  • isec is committed to comprehensive student support including quality homestay placements and ethical business practices.
  • Our goal is the success of our students.


Lilie Hesse, founder of isec
Lilie Hesse, founder of isec

The impetus for the founding of isec lies primarily in the desire of the founder to provide high school students with a qualified consultation for a high school study abroad program in Canada. This covers academic advice, student counseling to the recommendation of an appropriate program.

Lilie Hesse, founder and managing director of isec, did not only finish high school in Canada but also her post-secondary education in one of Canada's top business schools. Now, what better way to impart a first hand experience to the young students about the hows and the whys of a life-time experience as an international student in the country with wide open spaces, friendly people and an amazing natural beauty.

For the last 20 years or so, through her children, Lilie has also gained a hands-on insight of the education environment of many countries. Not only that of Germany where they have lived for close to 15 years but also that of USA and UK.

isec is an official authorized representative of 40+ top public school districts with over 400 schools coast to coast from British Columbia to Newfoundland in Canada. All urban/suburban public school districts of either a Canadian major city or metropolitan, they are carefully selected to fit within the qualitative framework of school districts and programs that isec represents. See map here for listed cities of represented school districts of isec (extract).

This together with the background and experience of the founder, isec as the Canadian Public High School Specialist, is committed to providing students the best quality educational consultation possible. In addition to the excellent educational partners in the school districts including the homestay support, isec has its own company liaison in Canada who takes great interest in the well-being of isec students and stands ready to assist them should the need arise. Read our Pledge.