Our Pledge to Our Students

  • isec is dedicated to providing the best quality of educational consultation and care possible to our client.
  • isec is committed to comprehensive student support including quality homestay placements and ethical business practices.
  • Our goal is the success of our students.

Quality North American Education in Canada
isec – Your Personalized Guide to Have It All

The scenery abounds in a menagerie of color and depth from the sparkling west coast Pacific waters hemmed by tall trees and mountains through to the vibrant Atlantic's rugged shorelines more than 5500 km away on the east coast. In between one can stare in wonderment at the majestic Rocky Mountains bordering British Columbia and Alberta, gaze endlessly at waving, rolling grain fields through Saskatchewan and Manitoba, become completely inspired by the brilliant fall colors in Ontario and Quebec, and finally see an almost perfect blend of nature, farm and town in the maritime provinces of New Brunswick to Newfoundland.

isec students have a choice to study in any one of these regions in Canada. Clearly academic improvement is central to the stay there, but why not participate in the Canadian way of life, instilled with the love of nature, the great outdoor and sports as well.

Why settle for just the usual sport of basketball? You could check out the Icehockey Academy or go snowboarding and skiing on the slopes instead. Want to do a more interesting subject for a change? Ecological education, aviation, computer technology and cultural awareness education are some of the many electives possible.

As an official authorized representative of more than 40 carefully selected reputable Canadian school districts, isec offers students interested in participating in a high school program or a university preparation program the following possibilities:

  • English speaking provinces from British Columbia to Newfoundland, with Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in between or maybe the traditional French province of Québec,
  • picturesque Pacific or Atlantic coastal regions,
  • close to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains ("Rockies") or Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with the Pacific Ocean as a spectacular backdrop, 
  • experience the island life on Vancouver Island or Gulf Islands,
  • towns and cities in and around Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Kingston, Ottawa, Québec City and Fredericton,
  • metropolitan cities of Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.

For isec students who would like more language challenge, the student could be placed at one of the 30+ English schools of the official partners of isec in the French province of Québec. In Montréal or Québec City, French is the cities' official language and spoken at home by ca. 60% and 90% of the people respectively. The capital city Ottawa in Ontario and the province New Brunswick, officially bilingual in English & French are excellent alternatives as well. Students who would like to be completely immersed in the French language in school could attend one of the francophone schools in the French school districts that isec represents. 

It is hard to decide when there are so many choices and different possibilities. And this is precisely the reason why isec is here to advise the students in making the decision, every step of the way, from understanding the Canadian educational system and regional differences, to answering specific academic or sport question.